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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A few pics of my room....

I finally uploaded some pictures of my classroom to share.... I hope to get better at blogging more often than once a month during the school year....  "/   Thank you to those of you patient followers out there.... hehe... ;)

This is our "Rule Breaker" word wall....  I was trying to think of something other than the "jail theme" and I thought Mario would be memorable for the students!  The students LOVE looking for new words to put up on our Rule Breaker Wall!  Here is a .jpg file of the image (I use it on our spelling lists that may include rule breakers).

This is a poem I use EVERYDAY to help my babies differentiate between bs & ds.  "Do you touch the bat first or the doorknob first?"....  Usually that's all the prompting it takes to help them remember which way to correctly form their letter.  ;)

This is a picture of our drawing rubric, our coloring rubric, and our Brownie Points board...  Students receive a brownie for the tray every time we receive a compliment in the hallway or score a 4 in the cafeteria.  Once we get our tray filled, I will bring in REAL brownies for us to share!  =)

Here are our rotations for literacy and math centers and my classroom helpers.

Carpet area, calendar, SmartBoard, meeting area...  ;)

One of my favorite things to use in our classroom....  Quincy Questioner, Clara Clarifier, Sammy Summarizer, & Paula Predictor...  Our puppets help us remember to use those important comprehension strategies... I also have matching props that I wear during minilessons....  One day, I was dressed up as Quincy Questioner, with my black wig on, and a parent walked in... I don't know whether she was thrilled or terrified for her child!!!!  ;)

This is the best thing I have done in a long time... I love the fact that my behavior system is now positive instead of always focusing on misbehaviors....

And last but not least, a few pics of my Book Barn inspired by Reagan Tunstall!  =)

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope to share more in the near future!!!  ;)