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Friday, October 26, 2012

Giveaway from one of my FAVORITE people!!!

One of my secret weapons in my first grade classroom is a set of DVDs that I am so excited to FINALLY own!!!  I found Heidi on YouTube last year and fell in love with her concept of teaching using a multi-sensory approach - music & movement!!!  If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing her in action, check out her website by clicking on her logo:

Now, what kid does not love to get up, dance, sing, jump around and move?  And what teacher does not love to see students laughing and learning in a way that just STICKS!  The kids don't even realize they're learning while they're singing and dancing along with her!  

Heidi is also a teacher and she does a wonderful job teaching sight words, phonics, numbers, shapes, and SO MUCH MORE in a way that is so engaging for students!   My favorite part is that Heidi (thank GOODNESS!!!) does all the work for us...  I would be way too clumsy and uncoordinated intimidated to sing the songs and dance by myself but I find myself singing & flopping around dancing right along with Heidi and the kids!!!!!  ;)

Not only do I feel like she's right there in my room,,, helping me teach my firsties,,, but she is also GRACIOUS enough to offer her "services" to you as well!!!!  We are teaming up to offer you a $20 credit to her website so you can get a DVD of your very own!!! You can choose anything you'd like on her website!

It's so easy to enter....  and there are MANY ways to enter!!!! All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter widget to enter!!!  We'll award the winner of the giveaway on Black Friday!!!! What more could you ask for??? a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Phonics & Phonemic Awareness Common Core Assessments

So I can't believe that we are already at the end of the first nine weeks...  This year is FLYING by!!!! You start school, blink, and it's fall break and parent-teacher conferences!!!

When my team and I starting taking a look at our report cards and pacing guides for this quarter, we realized we were needing a more concrete way of assessing parts of the Language Arts Common Core...  So, I designed an assessment packet to help us cover the following standards:

I have included the following assessments to correlate with the Common Core Standards for first grade (RF1.2a, RF1.2b, RF1.2c, RF1.2d, & RF1.3a): 

short vowel/long vowel discrimination 
letter naming assessment 
letter sound assessment
(includes blends & digraphs) 
pseudoword (nonsense word) assessment 
initial, medial, & final sound assessment 
sound separation assessment

I hope this helps you out in your own assessments...  It's the perfect packet for RtI progress monitoring data for reading.  For a sneak peek, here's one of the assessments from the packet...  Just click here & let me know what you think!  ;)  

God bless!
Jenn Oyler