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Monday, August 15, 2011

Reading Strategy Posters

Well, school officially started for us this past Tuesday and I have not had a second to spare since!  ;)  We are slowly, but surely, getting into the swing of things - and I'm adjusting to having beginning first graders again...  hehehe...  Each day seems to get better and better.

We have been having a wonderful time with Deanna Jump's Pete the Cat unit --- and let me just say - hearing my students read along and sing that song makes all those late hours and blisters from cutting out endless lamination worth it...  I can't wait to share our "Petes" we made this week...  and I'm very proud of my new classroom...   but those will be another posts for another day. 

Today, I wanted to share three posters that I made to help us concentrate on our reading strategies used in our Houghton Mifflin Reading series.  I wanted smaller, more concise posters than what comes with our reading series (not to mention - everything is better with a cute font, right???)... :)  I have included links to two reading strategy posters including predict/infer, questioning, summarizing, evaluating, and clarifying.  There is also a link to our decoding/phonics strategy - the photo icons help the students to remember the steps....  I hope you enjoy and good luck to each of you starting on your new journey this year!!!!  =)

                     Page 1            Page 2

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poppin' Patterns

I LOVE anything that is the "Poppin' Patterns" design by Creative Teaching Press and I have a LOT of this in my classroom this year...  I don't really have a "theme" this year besides polka dots and lots of colors...  I enjoy making things to decorate my classroom with if I can't buy what I'm looking for ~ and this year, I made a few things using the "Poppin' Patterns" polka dots to match my other classroom decorations...  I thought I'd share in case you could use any of them....  ;)

I promise as soon as I finish my classroom (will I EVER be finished with my classroom????), I will post pictures and more freebies.... 

Numbers to label clock
 I print these out, laminate them, and hole punch.  Then I thread it onto a wrist keyring - the one with the "coily bracelets" on them?  That way, passes can be worn and don't have to be touched (especially in the restroom - ick)...  ;) 

Just blank "dots" - can be used for anything.  I am putting student names on these for cubby labels...  ;)
Back to work now....   ;)  T minus 5 days......  Can't wait!!!!