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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Linky Party - Handwriting Tips

I have fallen in love with learning all the tips from you wonderful teachers... I have a question I'd like to ask so I thought I'd host a linky party to get your greatest tips... ;)

In the past, I have trouble with students doing their best handwriting on their work - on having pride in what they turn in... I would LOVE to hear your tips... Thank you so much for everything you're always so willing to share!!!! I can't wait to hear your ideas!


  1. I always tell my students that I am looking for a handwriting hero and printing princess. The winners usually go to the treasure box and I put their work on display.

  2. Great idea Caroline!!! It would be cute to have a cape and a crown for them to wear!!!!!!!!! Exciting!!!! ;) Thank you!!!

  3. We have a handwriting song to help children to be mindful of how to properly form the letters.

    It was too much to write on a comment, so I posted the song on my blog.

    Post your comments and let me know what you think. Follow me (I'm new)

  4. Thank you Mrs. Luna!!! Does the song portion have a familiar tune? I love the idea so much!!! I teach the letters by animals ~ giraffes, chickens, and monkeys... so it would go along perfect with your song!!! Thanks so much for linking up (and I am following you on Google Reader)! ;)

    Jenn Oyler

    Seriously Primary

  5. Great prompt! Thanks for hosting ^_^

  6. I LOVE THE HANDWRITING HERO AND PRINTING PRINCESS! So cute :) I do something similar to Mrs. Luna. I cannot take credit for the idea! I stole it from a teacher I saw during student teaching. She did "body spelling" and we do tall letters (reach up), middle letters (hands on hips), low letters (squat down to the floor), and vowels (spirit fingers in front of your body). This method shows them where each letter goes- I use the Handwriting House to show where our lines are and how to use them (Roof, Window, Floor, Basement). I keep my Handwriting House chart hung all year and refer to it every week. Body spelling shows them where each letter goes and points out that vowels are always "middle letters", but they're special :) Let me know if you'd like a copy of the Handwriting House :) …I found it somewhere in the Pinterest world, but can't remember where.

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