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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CAFE Pensieve Linky Party

Last year was my first year to implement Daily 5...  TOTAL LOVE at first sight implementation!!!  (ha ha)...  I could see how much more valuable it can be spending those valuable minutes doing things that actually make them better readers and writers versus spending that time doing things that occupy them while I try to have guided reading groups centers!!!  I also enjoyed working with students one-on-one or in (very) small groups but had trouble keeping up with the management of it all....

Enter CAFE & the PENSIEVE!!!  =)

I have just created my Pensieve and started using it but would LOVE to hear from you all on your tips, "do's & don't's", and successes and failures with your own experiences....  That's why I have created this Linky Party to house a resource for us all to help support (especially us newbies like me!) the use of our Pensieve!

I have also attached my documents that I adapted from the 2 Sisters....  Grab your free copy by clicking on the pictures below!!!

Please be sure to link up and SHARE!!!!!!!

Thanks so much & God Bless!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me on a Map

We do a unit on maps when we read the story, "Me On the Map" by Joan Sweeney... It is in our Houghton Mifflin reading series a little later in the year.

One of my favorite projects is to make our own "Me On a Map" booklet.  I have just placed the packet  in my TPT store..  Here's my example that I use to model for the students:

Cover Page
Page 2 and Page 3
Page 4 and Page 5

Page 6 and Page 7
Another activity that we do beforehand is this freebie I am offering.  This is designed by my teammate, Stephanie, and it offers us a perfect way to get accurate street addresses before making the booklets.  I place the street address above the house.  Click on the picture to get your own freebie!  

If you're interested in making the "Me on a Map" booklet shown above, visit my TPT store!  

 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know!!!!!  ;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Personalized Chevron Monogram Freebie!

As a small "thank you" to those of you who come and take the time to check out my blog, I'd like to offer you a free personalized chevron patterned monogram like this:

I made myself and my team one for the cover of our CAFE Pensieve (our Conferring Notebooks)... I can choose the color of the chevron pattern (white & your choice),  the oval background, your monogram, and the black borders!  

Just leave a comment below of the colors you would like (chevron stripes - purple; inner oval - hot pink), your monogram (in order as it should appear on the monogram... for example, in the monogram above you would list it as LCS), and your email address that you would like your pdf sent to!  

Thanks again for visiting!  I hope you can find a good use for them.....  I think they would even be cute in a frame!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Much Is Your Initial Worth?

We have moved from counting 1-120 to place value in Math.  One activity that we did today (which was a LOT of fun!) was to figure up how much our first initial was worth using base ten blocks!  We used this activity that I have posted in my TPT store.  I was very pleased with how well the students did with it!

The only thing that I wish I had noticed sooner was the grammar of the sentence frames when students use one long or one cube (1 ten are worth 10. <-- pet peeve).

Next time I do this activity, I use will the sentence frames as a reference, but will use the page without in case students use 1 long or 1 cube so we can sneak in integrate a mini-lesson on grammar during this activity!!!!  I also updated it in my TPT store.

I hope you like this idea and check it out for yourself!!!

God bless!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sight Word Mega Pack!

The beginning of first grade is always full of assessment.... Finding out where my kiddos are and how to best move them forward....  As usual, we need lots of work on sight words, capitalization, and punctuation....  I wanted to come up with some activities where they could practice these skills without it being simply "busy-work".  I created a HUGE packet over the weekend that consists of 5 different parts: "Fix It and Draw It" at two different levels, "Letter Boxes", "Cut and Paste", and "Color by Sight Word".... I used the first 100 Fry Instant Sight Words in creating all of these activities.  For "Fix It and Draw It", students rewrite the sentences (each of which contains the sight word) with correct capitalization and punctuation and then illustrate the sentence to determine whether or not they comprehend the sight words!  For a challenge, I also included the same sentences in the same format, but the sentences must first be unscrambled before rewriting and illustrating them.

Easier Version
Challenging Version

The second set of activities are letter boxes which are perfect practice for visual learners... They can SEE the shapes of the words.  

The third set of activities are "Cut and Paste".  Students cut the letters out and paste the letters in the correct order - another great activity for kinesthetic and visual learners.  

The last set of activities is my FAVORITE set....  I created 10 different pictures, each containing 10 Fry words to look for and color based on the sight word....  Students LOVE these and it is wonderful practice recognizing and distinguishing between the different sight words!

You can also simply purchase the Color by Sight Word pack as well!  

I am offering my Color by Sight Word packet as a giveaway.  

Become a new follower on my blog and comment below and I will draw one person on Friday, September 14th, at 3:00 to receive the Color by Sight Word packet FREE!!!!  ;)  

Good luck and thank you for visiting!!!!  ;) 
God Bless!

Monday, September 3, 2012

1st grade - NBT.1 & sight word activities

We are back in full swing at school and we have been hitting counting from 1-120 hard since we've been back - especially focusing on 100-120!  Some of my little guys and gals have done a great job with this and some of them have struggled with aspects of it....  I created several activities for us to use during our whole group math time and our math centers and placed them in this packet on TPT:

The activities in this packet have helped the students practice counting in different ways to help support them in building their number counting fluency!  You are able to differentiate your instruction depending on what each child may need!!!  

We have also started off working on our Fry Sight words! One of the first things I want to do at the beginning of the school year is to see where each of my students are.  We assess each student to see what words each child needs to work on.  Then, I create word rings for each child so they can work on those words at school and fluency folders so they can work on them at home.  We all know what research says about how important it is to know these words automatically... 

I am now offering my Fry Sight Word packets in my store on TPT.  It contains the first 300 Fry Instant Word Lists in a format that you can print, laminate, cut, and place on rings for students to practice! I make sure students can successfully recognize the word THREE times - and hole punch the word card each time along the bottom graphic - before removing it from their word rings.  I have a "star" hole punch, but any hole punch would be sufficient.  I have also included a letter to parents and a standard word list that I include in students' fluency folders that go home each evening.  There are three different styles right now:  

If there are other themes you would like to see, just comment below and I'll do my best to get them posted for you!!!  

I have many more ideas ready to blog about - stayed tuned for more!!!!!  God bless!!!


The first 3 people who link this post to their own blog will receive their choice of the "Cut & Paste Numbers 1-120" set or your choice of "Word Rings"...   Be sure to leave me your contact information so I can email you your packet!!!!