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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sight Word Mega Pack!

The beginning of first grade is always full of assessment.... Finding out where my kiddos are and how to best move them forward....  As usual, we need lots of work on sight words, capitalization, and punctuation....  I wanted to come up with some activities where they could practice these skills without it being simply "busy-work".  I created a HUGE packet over the weekend that consists of 5 different parts: "Fix It and Draw It" at two different levels, "Letter Boxes", "Cut and Paste", and "Color by Sight Word".... I used the first 100 Fry Instant Sight Words in creating all of these activities.  For "Fix It and Draw It", students rewrite the sentences (each of which contains the sight word) with correct capitalization and punctuation and then illustrate the sentence to determine whether or not they comprehend the sight words!  For a challenge, I also included the same sentences in the same format, but the sentences must first be unscrambled before rewriting and illustrating them.

Easier Version
Challenging Version

The second set of activities are letter boxes which are perfect practice for visual learners... They can SEE the shapes of the words.  

The third set of activities are "Cut and Paste".  Students cut the letters out and paste the letters in the correct order - another great activity for kinesthetic and visual learners.  

The last set of activities is my FAVORITE set....  I created 10 different pictures, each containing 10 Fry words to look for and color based on the sight word....  Students LOVE these and it is wonderful practice recognizing and distinguishing between the different sight words!

You can also simply purchase the Color by Sight Word pack as well!  

I am offering my Color by Sight Word packet as a giveaway.  

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  1. Hi! The font used on my document is Pea Missy from Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas. :)

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  2. You are awesome! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  3. Found you from a comment you left at the Inspired Apple. Love the place value initial activity and the sight word packs! I am your newest follower:) If you have time, stop by my first grade blog...17 more followers and I am hosting a HUGE 100 follower giveaway!

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